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Searching for the best promotional products company in Greensboro, NC?

You found us.

We’ve created a dead-simple solution for your recurring promotional products needs. After you work with us on a custom design for your products, we’ll set up an online store just for your company. Through the store, your company can quickly reorder whichever items you want — your specifications and designs carry over in the e-commerce system we create for you.

And what about the cost? Through Piedmont Graphics, you’ll score preferred pricing on promotional products due to our close relationships with quality vendors.

Tired of flipping through that hefty promo product catalogue? Let us help you with that.

Visit our local showroom and get hands-on with the most popular promotional items we handle. Our in-house consultants will you show you products by category or theme and help you choose the perfect item for your company.

We’ll also show you a few trendy products that are sure to be noticed and remembered by your employees or customers!

Contact us today to visit a showroom or get a fast quote.

[icon size=”small” name=”elusive-check”]Custom Pens
[icon size=”small” name=”elusive-check”]Company Calendars
[icon size=”small” name=”elusive-check”]Branded Bags
[icon size=”small” name=”elusive-check”]Printed T-shirts
[icon size=”small” name=”elusive-check”]…and more!

[feature_service title=”Promotional Products” icon=”awesome-dribbble” link=”http://www.promoplace.com/8272″ button_text=”Click here”]Find the promotional products you need for your company or your next event. [/feature_service]
[feature_service title=”Apparel” icon=”awesome-male” link=”http://www.companycasuals.com/CompanyCasuals/start.jsp” button_text=”Click here”]View our selection of apparel for customization. [/feature_service]
[feature_service title=”Holiday Cards” icon=”entypo-docs” link=”http://www.holidaycardwebsite.com/” button_text=”Click here”]Order customized holiday cards for any occasion.[/feature_service]